Entrepreneurship Readiness Program

by Centro Community Partners

Created for those who have completed Centro's basic entrepreneurship program or similar training, and already have a portfolio of products or services. During this 14-week program, participants are paired with a business school graduate student trained by Centro Community Partners, and together they create a robust and fundable business plan that includes financial projections, a credit plan, and a strategic growth plan for the future. 

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The Good Jobs Accelerator

by ICA Fund Good Jobs

The Good Jobs Accelerator works deeply with 8-10 companies and helps them build a strong foundation for sustainable growth & good job creation. The accelerator leverages the expertise of ICA Fund Good Jobs one-on-one advisors and offers a customized, hands-on approach for growing businesses.

Growth-minded businesses who have participated in ICA Fund Good Jobs Education and  have had their financials reviewed by ICA Fund Good Jobs are eligible for the accelerator.

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By Pacific Community Ventures

A free small business accelerator that helps small business create new jobs for working people. We match small business owners with over 500 expert advisors and mentors who provide tailored, hands-on assistance to grow their businesses and to create new quality jobs in their communities. On average, companies in our program grow their revenues by 26% each year and add jobs at eleven times the national rate. Our advisors are active professionals from major banks, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies. Your small business can access a network of hundreds of expert-level mentors from dozens of fields, like marketing, HR, finance, operations, and sales.

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By Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

Individual consulting and growth services for businesses on Bayview’s 3rd Street and Visitacion Valley’s Leland Avenue corridors.

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