Basic Entrepreneurship Program

by Centro Community Partners

For individuals primarily on the idea stage of their business and who have not been exposed yet to any business education. The program is delivered using the Centro Business Planning App and led by a facilitator trained to enrich class activities, foster critical thinking, and support individuals in creating a business plan for the first time.

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Entrepreneur Education


ICA Fund Good Jobs educates entrepreneurs who have vision, ambition, and purpose. Emphasizing a pragmatic approach to business fundamentals, ICA Fund Good Jobs supports mission aligned entrepreneurs in developing frameworks for stabilizing, leading, and growing their businesses.

ICA Fund Good Jobs Education offers a variety of resources for entrepreneurs, key among them Startup Strategies and its intensive Growth Strategies program taught by Michael C. Bush.

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Entrepreneurship Training Program


A program focused on helping you develop the skills needed to turn your idea into a successful small business. Six consecutive training modules combined with seminars on basic computer literacy and advice will put you on a pathway to launch your business with newfound confidence and support.

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Lean Startup

by Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

A 6-session class intended for individuals with a business idea they would like to explore further and determine its feasibility.  Using the Lean Startup methodology, you will learn how to do customer discovery interviews, create and conduct quick experiments to test your idea, refine your customer persona, and finally adapt your business model to increase your likelihood of success.

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