Centro Community Partners (Centro) is a non-profit organization that provides entrepreneurship education, business advisory services and leadership programs to rising yet underserved entrepreneurs who want to launch or grow their small businesses and create jobs.

Our mission is to build thriving communities by providing underserved, minority and lower income entrepreneurs with the education, the support, and access to capital they need to have their small businesses succeed. 

our services

  • Basic and advanced entrepreneurship programs. Our basic training travels around the Bay Area and is offered in English and Spanish. Our advanced program has two intakes every year based in Oakland, and it is imparted in English.
  • Business planning tool: Free mobile app to create business plans without any prior business education or experience. Search for Centro Business Planning App, it is available in English and Spanish for Android and Apple devices.
  • One-on-one mentoring and personalized advice for small business. entrepreneurs included in the advanced entrepreneurship program.
  • MBA Advisor Program where port-graduate business school students gain practical experience and learn to become small business consultants.

Our Office

825 Washington Street, Suite 228
Oakland, CA 94607

(510) 556-4249


Some of our alumni

What entrepreneurs say about Centro

I ran a small shop with a big heart. Centro showed me how to also do it smart!
— Irma Villa from Villa's Tailor Shop
Centro enabled me to finally hire Riley to help me make more truffles.
— Christine Doerr from Neo Cocoa
I started with just ideas and hopes. Centro gave me the nourishment to build on what I already had in me to create a healthy business.
— Antionette Henderson from STrUT Oakland

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