Basic Entrepreneurship PROGRAMS

If you have a business idea or a rising small business but know you need to get business training to formalize it or make it sustainable, you are the ideal candidate for a basic entrepreneurship program. 

SFEDA member organizations offer business development and entrepreneurship programs in many different configurations, durations and locations throughout the Bay Area. Explore their methodologies and the intakes available throughout the year. 

Advanced Entrepreneurship

Created for small business entrepreneurs who have completed a basic entrepreneurship program or whose business is on a second stage of growth. 

Advanced entrepreneurship programs are designed to review business goals, create new growth strategies, craft plans to execute on them, and receive assistance to access capital.

Business Planning

Business plans are the compass of any company regardless of their size, budget or stage. Your future or current small business can also benefit of a formal business plan, and the good news is that you can create one without necessarily having a business background or any entrepreneurship experience.

Skill Building Workshops

As a small business owner, you are most likely in charge of your marketing, the accounting, operations, customer service, and the list goes on. Keeping up doesn't have to be an arduous challenge or expensive. Check out the SFEDA member organizations providing professional skills workshops and other business learning sessions near you.