ICA Fund Good Jobs educates, accelerates, and invests in high-growth small businesses in order to create accessible good jobs that lead to equitable communities for all.

We believe that communities thrive when every person has access to a good job – one that pays a living wage, provides benefits and a supportive culture, and offers opportunities for employees to advance in their careers.

our services

  • Basic entrepreneurship program. ICA Fund Good Jobs Education offers a variety of resources for entrepreneurs, key among them Startup Strategies and its intensive Growth Strategies as well as more tailored offerings such as Path 2 Branding and Path 2 Cash. 
  • Advanced entrepreneurship program. The Good Jobs Accelerator works deeply with 8-10 companies and helps them build a strong foundation for sustainable growth & good job creation. The accelerator leverages the expertise of ICA Fund Good Jobs one-on-one advisors and offers a customized, hands-on approach for growing businesses. 
  • Investment portfolio. We invest in companies referred through our capital preparation support programs. Each company has a tailored work plan to achieve revenue growth and job creation targets, mitigate risk, and ensure a favorable return on investment for the fund.

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