is a non-profit that enables passionate and determined entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. to access 0% interest small business loans.

We reinsert relationships into the financial system by facilitating lending through Kiva’s community of over 1.5 million potential customers, business advisors and brand ambassadors.

In 2016, Kiva funded 75 small businesses in San Francisco with a total loan volume of $531,825 with $0 of interest or fees. 

The average Kiva loan recipient creates or saves 1.2 net jobs after receiving the loan.

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We offer loans up to $10,000 to small business owners at 0% interest,  terms up to 36 months with grace periods available for agriculture businesses - an excellent opportunity to build your business credit score.

All Kiva loans are funded by hundreds of lenders from around the world, in increments of $25. To qualify, U.S. borrowers must be over the age of 18, own a legal small business, and not currently be in bankruptcy or foreclosure.


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What entrepreneurs say about Kiva

We had no prospects at getting a traditional loan when we started this farm. No banks would loan to a business without a financial history, so Kiva was our only option. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to start this project.
— Katrina, Tinyfield Roofhop Farm
What I really liked about the Kiva lending process and being able to communicate with our lenders is that you get validation and feedback on your business plan.
— Yolanda, Pollinate Farm & Garden

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