Start Small Think Big is a non-profit organization that helps eligible low-to-moderate income small business owners receive free legal, financial and marketing assistance.

Our mission is to help under-resourced entrepreneurs create thriving businesses in underserved areas so owners can build wealth for themselves, their families and communities.

our services

  • Legal Services: Start Small provides clients access to small business legal assistance, primarily by referring them to firms for pro bono counsel. This assistance ensures that our clients develop a sound legal infrastructure for their businesses, helping them to manage the risks associated with starting a small business and providing them with a stable foundation upon which to grow. Our volunteer attorneys address various legal issues including: (i) choosing and forming an appropriate legal structure for the business or restructuring it to permit additional equity participation; (ii) corporate governance/corporate housekeeping; (iii) contract review and drafting; (iv) commercial lease review and negotiation; (v) employment advice; (vi) tax, including sales tax; (vii) intellectual property; (viii) legal aspects of doing business online; and (ix) some regulatory, licensing, and permitting needs.

  • Financial Services: Start Small provides ongoing one-on-one bookkeeping, financial management, and tax (e.g., collecting sales tax for online businesses and tax implications of different corporate structures) assistance. Start Small also coordinates access to financial volunteers from our network of pro bono financial institutions, accounting firms, and financial advisory firms, who assist with: (i) financial statement preparation & analysis (creation and analysis of income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet); (ii) financial projections & planning (creation of projections for a start-up or existing business, and formulation of growth goals; for start-up businesses, estimation of start-up costs and completion of break-even analysis); and (iii) business valuation.

  • Market Access: Start Small’s market access program helps our clients improve their business practices and more effectively link their goods and services to new markets. Helping clients to improve their business practices includes providing branding assessments, creating a business website, maintaining an online presence, marketing strategies, in person payment processing, selling through an online terminal, and online advertising, among others. Helping clients to more effectively link their goods and services to new markets includes increasing entrepreneurs’ access to distribution channels and appropriate markets, thus helping them access new and varied markets for their products and services.

  • Workshops: We offer workshops on various legal, financial, and marketing topics that are free for anyone to attend.


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