Working Solutions is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides micro-entrepreneurs with capital and resources to start or grow a successful business.

We prioritize serving low-income individuals, women, and minorities. We support micro-enterprise growth as a strategy to strengthen the local economy, create jobs, and build strong communities.

our services

  • Capital - Safe, affordable micro-loans of $5,000 to $50,000 with up to 5 year repayment terms. We also help businesses with property acquisition loans, small business support grants and other financing options.
  • Consulting - customized 1:1 business consulting for the life of the loan with a focus on financial acumen and additional access to vetted advisors. Additionally Working Solutions is a real estate broker and provides Real Estate Assistance for business in San Francisco.
    • Real Estate Assistance. Working Solutions assists businesses with finding affordable space and renegotiating leases for spaces that they are already occupying.
    • Navigating city agencies. Businesses often face a myriad of government-related issues that require unique government expertise. We help connect businesses with the correct government agencies and offices that can resolve issues such as compliance with permitting and licensing, violations and utilities support, succession planning, exit strategy, and more.
    • Guidance to access San Francisco city incentives for businesses such as facade and tenant improvement grants, hiring tax credits, PG&E energy efficiency rebates, and more.
  • Community - Since 2005, Working Solutions has made over $12M in microloans to entrepreneurs in the Bay Area who together have created more than 2,000 jobs in our local communities.

Our Office

930 Montgomery Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 780-1217


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What entrepreneurs say about Working Solutions

Lana and I have brought up a few times how inspiring we found our conversation! I’m so impressed by what you are all doing at Working Solutions and am excited to work with everyone and continue to grow my business with your guidance.
— Lana, Outerlands & Alexis, Case For Making
John Wright (Pro Bono Legal Adviser) has been wildly helpful and so kind.
— Gillian Shaw, Black Jet Bakery
Working Solutions is the best organization for small biz and especially women small biz. I recommend you all the time!
— Kelly Jones, Little Paper Planes
I have a much more solid understanding of my business’ financial picture and can use the concrete skills I learned to help it grow.
— Samantha Roxas, Maaari

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